Best Boots For Tree Work (Tree Climbing and Cutting)

There’s a reason why tree climbing workers always have such a big smile on their faces it’s because they love their job! Climbing trees is a fun and exhilarating way to work, but it can also be dangerous if the right safety precautions aren’t taken.

Tree workers have a great risk of foot injury because they’re constantly working on uneven surfaces and branches etc. Workers can avoid injuries by using the best boots for tree work that have been designed for tree climbing, and by using the right techniques when they’re climbing.

When climbing trees, always wear the proper shoes. Shoes with good traction will help you keep your footing while climbing. They not only need to have good traction, but they also need to be comfortable so you can focus on your climbing.

But it’s difficult to find the perfect pair of boots, and even more difficult to keep them in good condition after climbing several trees. That’s why in this blog we’ll take a look at some of the best boots for tree climbing. So read on to learn more.


Best Boots For Tree Work – Our Top 7 Picks:

Since you know that there are numerous varieties of tree work boots available, choosing the ideal one can be very challenging. Here, our team of specialists has narrowed down the top 7 boots for you all, which will undoubtedly aid you in selecting the ideal one for your needs.

1. Georgia Boot Men’s Safety Toe Logger Boot

Key Features

  • Steel shanks are used in it
  • Comes with a safety toe
  • Rubber sole provides enough cushioning
  • 100% durable leather construction

Our Review:

The Georgia Boot Men’s Safety Toe Logger Boot is a must-have pair of boots for tree climbers. These boots are designed to provide safety to the feet of workers who spend long hours climbing up trees.

The shoe is made up of a durable and breathable 100% leather material that will keep your feet protected and comfortable throughout the day. You can choose between 4 different colors to choose from such as chocolate, oily black, brown, and tumbled chocolate.

Moreover, the shoes also come with a rubber sole that will give you superior traction and durability. You can wear these shoes anywhere you need to climb trees including lumber yards, lumber yards, etc.

They come up with a lace-up closure that ensures a tight fit while providing enough support for your ankles. The shaft of these boots is 8 inches long which is also sufficient to keep your feet warm and dry while climbing trees.

Georgia tree climbing work boots also have an outsole that is made up of rubber that provides excellent cushioning and durability to prevent your feet from getting sore after wearing these boots for a long period. These boots provide ample support and a strong grip when you are working on a tree. The sturdy steel shank provides stability and strength while working on trees.

These shoes also come with a safety toe which provides more safety and security for you while you are working on the trees. Despite these shoes being so comfortable and classy, there are still some areas where these shoes can be improved. The laces of these shoes are not durable enough to withstand a long period of wear, and they can easily break off after several months of use.

However, if you are willing to spend a bit more money, you can consider buying them because they offer an attractive price for the quality they provide.

Our Recommendations after testing:
The Georgia Tree Climbing Work Boots are made of durable and breathable 100% leather material which not only will keep your feet protected and comfortable, but also last long. The rubber sole of these boots provides good cushioning and support to prevent foot soreness while climbing trees. 

The safety toe feature gives extra security while working on trees. Even though the laces aren’t very sturdy, the boots are worth the price for the quality they provide.


  • Comes in 4 different colors such as chocolate, oily black, brown, tumbled chocolate
  • They also feature a lace-up closure
  • Pull loops are also found on the rear of the garment
  • A logo patch is on the tongue of the shoe


  • Laces are not durable enough

2. KEEN Utility Men’s Work Boots

Key Features

  • These shoes have locking metal lace hooks
  • It has a dual density EVA footbed
  • Heat-resistant tough leather material
  • Also have left and right asymmetrical steel toes

Our Review:

KEEN Utility Men’s Work Boots are made of a very sturdy and heat-resistant leather material that will protect your feet from the harmful effects of high-temperature environments.

The boots also come with an adjustable hook-and-loop closure system, so you won’t have to worry about tightening the laces too much. These laces will prevent your feet from slipping off during intense activities.

They have a 6-inch shaft that will ensure that you don’t have to worry about falling and getting injured while working. The outsole of these shoes is built from a rubber material which provides excellent traction for a smooth climb and fall.

KEEN Utility Men’s Work Boots have a dual-density EVA footbed that provides good shock absorption and gives you a lot of support. These boots feature a 6-inch shaft that is incredibly long and thick, so you will never have to worry about tripping while working on a ladder or tree.

The only downside of these shoes is that they are fairly slippery and they might get stuck easily in mud or wet areas while tree work. But if you’re planning on doing some kind of dangerous activity, then this pair of shoes might be just what you need.

In addition, it also comes with a toe cap to protect your feet while working on tree work. The heel cup of these boots also helps with keeping your feet protected while climbing trees. You can even use these boots in cold weather conditions as they are fully insulated. So they will keep your feet warm and dry.

The midsole of these boots is made up of a tough heat resistant material so that you can use them during your tree work. It is extremely affordable so that you won’t have to compromise on the quality of your work

Our Recommendation after testing:
As we tested, we found that the KEEN Utility Men’s Work Boots offer excellent features for the price. It features a dual-density EVA footbed that helps with shock absorption so you can work on trees without worrying about getting injured. 

These boots’ 6-inch shaft is also exceptionally sturdy and lengthy, giving you strong support while you climb trees.


  • It is extremely affordable
  • The laces have secured hoops
  • Outsole of these shoes is heat protective
  • Provides good traction while climbing tree


  • The soles were quite slippery
cutting tree

3. Carhartt Leather Logger Boots

Key Features

  • Composite toes are used on shoes
  • They have 8 inches of height.
  • Offers liner synthetic material
  • It also has a high-quality metal shank

Our Review:

Carhartt Men’s Leather Logger Boots have a lightweight design that won’t weigh your legs down during work in the woods. The leather upper of these shoes is soft and comfortable to wear and does not get hot and sweaty for a long period.

Furthermore, the insole of these shoes is made from a synthetic material that provides more support for your feet. The liners of these boots are made of high-quality synthetic material which will keep your feet clean and dry.

Also, the heel stabilizer provides adequate ankle support and stability for the proper functioning of the foot while running. The outsole of these shoes is designed with oil, chemical, and slip-resistant properties to provide optimum traction and durability.

They also feature a durable water repellent (DWR) finish that protects the uppers from water and oil. It is made from a combination of polyurethane and nylons to provide breathability and a flexible, soft touch on the foot. This shoe also has a composite toe which prevents slippage and provides a better grip on uneven terrain.

In terms of design, the shoes are extremely stylish to wear and are even more comfortable than the typical boot. They are also very reliable and won’t disappoint you if you keep them well-cleaned and free of debris. Overall, this is one of the best hiking boots ava

The metal shanks are designed to provide stability and to hold the heel in place while standing on uneven ground or walking through obstacles. The metal shank will help you get a firm footing on uneven surfaces while trekking. The shoe also features breathable waterproof protection which is perfect for tree work as well as other outdoor activities.

Our Recommendation After Testing:
As we tested these boots, we discovered that these boots are quite cozy and supportive. The boots’ lining kept our feet from perspiring and offered sufficient support. Another wonderful feature was the composite toe, which reduced slipping and improved grip.


  • These shoes feature breathable waterproof protection
  • Heel stabilizer is designed to provide ankle stability
  • Oil, chemical, and slip-resistant outsole
  • Wearable, stylish, and comfortable


  • The ankle area was too tight and uncomfortable

4. Columbia Men’s Boot

Key Features

  • Boots have a mid-calf shaft length
  • Lightweight midsole for long-lasting comfort
  • They also offer superior cushioning
  • High-traction grip outsole for tree climbing
  • Premium quality suede leather build-up

Our Review:

Men’s Columbia Boots are a unique footwear option that is perfect for landscaping and any type of work involving mud, water, or dirt.

It has an adjustable lace-up closure to ensure that the shoe stays securely closed during use. This is a high-quality boot with a premium suede leather build-up that provides long-lasting wear and exceptional comfort.

The Columbia Men’s Boot is a versatile pair of boots that offers superior protection while working outdoors. The midsole is a lightweight one that provides excellent cushioning and support while running on the road.

The metal hardware and seam-sealed construction of these boots ensure durability and water resistance. All the materials used in these boots are soft and comfortable, which makes the boots perfect for tree work. You’ll find the right size for this boot by measuring your foot at the arch, just above the heel, and around the widest part of the foot. If you need to order these boots in a different size, Columbia makes it easy for you to do so.

We were impressed that you can adjust the length of the laces by sliding them down, and these boots can also be adjusted to fit your leg size. The lacing system of these boots also ensures that they are comfortable and secure when worn.

The mid-calf shaft length of these boots will help to protect your ankles from injuries while doing tree work and also gives them a more casual look.

You can adjust the fit of these boots by loosening or tightening the laces, which is convenient. So if you are looking for a pair of boots that can handle heavy-duty tasks, then the Columbia Men’s Boot is the perfect choice for you.

Our Recommendation After Testing:
The Columbia Men’s Boot is versatile tough footwear that can withstand any outdoor activity, including running on trails or climbing trees. The exceptional cushioning in these boots only gets better with use.

The high-traction outsole gives you outstanding traction on any surface so you can concentrate on your work. The high-quality suede leather construction is incredibly soft and will last you for many years.


  • Shoes have an adjustable lace-up closure
  • Metal hardware and seam-sealed construction
  • Durable enough to withstand rain, muck puddles, and more
  • Dual-zone winter tread pattern


  • Sole material is not much durable as it should be

5. Rocky Steel Toe Work Boots

Key Features

  • They are offering non-marrying soles
  • Maximum abrasion heel counter
  • It has a protective steel toe design
  • Shoes also feature the widest toe box
  • Made for climbing up to trees

Our Review:

The Rocky Steel Toe Work Boots are a durable pair of boots that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. The steel toe is embedded in the sole of these shoes for greater protection while climbing.

It also features a 3-density EVA midsole that provides excellent shock absorption and stability. The soles are also non-marring and you won’t need to worry about your feet getting injured.

In terms of size, these shoes come in two different sizes, 6 and 8 inches. The 6-inch version will fit your feet well but the 8-inch version will fit your feet better. The tongue is also well padded for added comfort and support.

The sole of these boots has been specially designed to protect your feet from injuries and accidents. These boots feature the widest toe box which will allow your toes to move freely while walking. This is another advantage of these boots since you won’t have to worry about your toes slipping in and causing you an injury.

They are made for people who spend their days working up in the trees or on the rock. The maximum abrasion heel counter means that it is designed for use outdoors. If you are doing tree work or any other outdoor job where you spend a lot of time standing, these boots are worth a try.

The only downside of these shoes is that they start hurting your feet after prolonged standing. So if you plan on using these shoes for prolonged periods, make sure you wear the socks to prevent any blisters.

Overall, these are good work boots for spur climbing that will keep you protected and supported while performing your job.

Our Recommendation After Testing:
The Rocky Steel Toe Work Boot has a steel toe, which is gentle and prevents trauma to your feet when climbing trees. Additionally, they come in a variety of sizes to fit everyone and offer a roomy toe box for unrestricted toe movement.

These industrial boots are great for spur climbing since they are sturdy and will keep your feet safe from harm. Although they are somewhat expensive, they are worthwhile.


  • Available in two heights: 6 and 8 inches
  • Shoes also feature the widest toe box
  • Made for climbing up to trees
  • Provide electricity hazard safety


  • Starts hurting the feet in prolonged standing

6. Ad Tec Logger Work Boot

Key Features

  • Shoes have a plain soft toe
  • A non-slip rubber lug sole helps in absorbing impact forces
  • The waterproof membrane of these boots
  • Shoes feature removable orthotic PU insole

Our Review:

The Ad Tec Logger Work Boots are made up of an oiled leather upper that provides long-lasting durability and exceptional comfort.

These boots are suitable for prolonged tree-climbing work as they have a non-slip rubber sole that keeps you stable. The sole also provides adequate traction while working on the trees.

Another good thing about these boots is that they have an insole of OrthoLite which provides long-term comfort and support. The OrthoLite is a special material used in medical applications. It is also known as polypropylene foam which is injected into the insole of the shoe. Moreover, these boots are made up of a waterproof membrane that will help prevent water damage.

You can also choose from 5 different color options for these boots and you can find these boots in sizes ranging from 11 to 13. These tree-climbing boots are ideal for professionals who need a pair of work boots that offer reasonable prices, exceptional comfort, and durability.

One of the unique features of these boots is that the shaft of these boots is 9 inches long which makes them ideal for prolonged tree climbing work. You can use these boots as work boots for tree work or even regular shoes when not in need of tree work.

However, if you are using these boots for a long time, then you may find that the leather may start to dry up and peel away from the shoe. Also, the soles of these boots are not meant for prolonged tree climbing work. There are many things to like about these boots; however, we must warn you that they don’t offer exact waterproofing features which may leave your feet damp and make you uncomfortable sometimes.

Our Recommendation After Testing:
Our team experts have discovered that the Ad Tec Logger Work Boots have an oiled leather construction that gives long-lasting durability. You won’t have to worry about your toes getting damaged because they also include a plain, soft toe that aids to provide a comfortable fit during tree climbing activities. Further, the boots have a detachable PU orthotic insert that aids with long-term support.


  • It also has an oiled leather construction
  • There is a reasonable price for boots
  • Can be used for prolonged tree climbing work
  • They have 9 inches-long shaft


  • Leather started peeling off after a few weeks

7. Columbia Newton Ridge Boots

Key Features

  • They have a secure fit lace-up design
  • Advanced traction rubber sole for slip-free movement on trees
  • Boots also offer mesh bootie construction
  • The mesh tongue of these boots allows maximum breathability

Our Review:

Columbia Newton Ridge Boots are the type of boots that are designed to help you climb, descend, and get to the base of the tree faster.

The upper of these boots is made of mesh material that is light, breathable and allows for ample airflow to keep your feet cool and dry. These boots are available in many different sizes and there is no need to worry about them running large or small. They also provide enhanced traction on uneven terrains and give maximum protection against damage from sharp objects. The boots also have a very reliable tongue that won’t slip around while working in the trees.

These footwears come with a secure lace-up design that won’t loosen up while climbing. So they will keep your feet safe during tree work and also provide excellent stability when you’re on the ground. This footwear is also very responsive to impact forces, which means that they provide the necessary stability when it comes to tree climbing.

In addition to being extremely lightweight, these boots also have a dual-zone tread pattern which is a combination of both solid and grooved rubber which makes the soles extra slippery when you step on slippery surfaces. This means that they are ideal for tree climbing and will allow you to climb safely without getting injured.

These boots have a secure fit lace-up design that offers a sturdy fit for longer periods. The rubber sole of these boots is designed to withstand the rough surfaces of tree trunks and limbs. It also provides enhanced traction on uneven terrains and provides maximum safety against damage from sharp objects.

We like the fact that the boots have an extremely durable nylon material that won’t deteriorate even after years of wear and tear. The outsole of these boots offers superior traction for better control and stability while tree climbing.

Our Recommendation After Testing:
The Columbia Newton Ridge Boots have a secure fit design that ensures optimal safety while climbing. Secondly, they boast a dual zone tread pattern, which combines grooved and solid rubber and makes the soles even more slippery when walking on slick surfaces. We particularly enjoy that the boots are made of incredibly strong nylon, which won’t degrade even after years of use and abuse.


  • They have a dual zone tread pattern
  • Delivers style and longevity
  • Extremely responsive to impact forces
  • Does not harm your foot during tree climbing


  • Expensive

Buying Guide For Best Boots For Tree Work

How to choose best boots for tree work

Buying Guide For Best Boots For Tree Work

To ensure your safety and comfort while working in the trees, you need to choose a pair of tree climbing boots with spikes that are right for you. There are a few key factors that you need to consider before making your purchase. Just check them out:

Traction rubber Sole

It is critical to have a stable grip while climbing trees. The traction rubber sole of the boot will provide you with a secure grip and stability on uneven tree surfaces. It is suggested to choose a boot with a lugged sole for added traction so you will not slip easily.

Toe Protection

Your toe is the most vulnerable part of your foot while climbing trees. It is wise to choose a boot with toe protection to prevent any injury in case you accidentally kick something while climbing. Additionally, check that the toe box is wide enough from 4 to 5 inches to accommodate your feet comfortably and allow your toes to move freely. If you are planning to buy a boot with a steel toe, make sure it is ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) certified.

Long shaft

The most effective boots for tree work will provide extra support to your ankles and feet. It is imperative to choose a boot with a long shaft that measures from 6 to 10 inches. This will protect your feet from any sharp trunk or branches. The highest protection comes from Ad tec leather boots, which have a 9-inch shaft.

Good Fit

It is critical to choose a boot that fits you well. The easiest way to do this is to try on the boots before making your purchase. Make sure you choose a size that is not too tight or too loose so you can easily climb up the tree without any discomfort. You should also consider the width of the boot. If you have a wide foot, it is better to select a boot with a wide width so it will not cause any discomfort while you are working.


Choose a boot that is lightweight so you will not feel tired easily while climbing the trees. A simple rule of thumb is to choose a boot that weighs less than 3 to 5 pounds. If you select a heavier boot, it will only make your work more difficult and tiring.

Lace-up closure

Lace-up boots are a smart choice since they can be adjusted to fit your feet. They will also allow you to put these shoes on easily. People who have broad feet should choose a boot with a wide lace-up closure so it will not cause any discomfort while they are working.


When considering the most suitable boots for tree work, it is imperative to choose a waterproof boot. This will ensure that your feet will stay dry and comfortable even if you have to work in wet conditions. Waterproof boots are also easier to clean so you can keep them in good condition for a longer period.

Final Verdict:

Tree work boots are a necessary piece of equipment for anyone who needs to climb trees regularly. They are designed to provide proper traction, support, and comfort while you are working. The boots should also be lightweight and have a lace-up closure so you can easily put them on and take them off.

As a result of this guide, we have looked at 7 different safety footwear options. Based on testing or reviewing each item, we found that the Carhartt Leather Logger Boots are the top-rated tree work boots. 

This footwear is ideal for persons who work in trees since they offer adequate ankle support, is sturdy, and features a slip-resistant sole. We advise you to choose the Carhartt Leather Logger Boots if you’re seeking a boot that will offer you all the qualities listed above.

We hope that our advice has assisted you in selecting the ideal boot for your requirements. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any queries or recommendations.

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