How to Unclip Peloton Shoes

Peloton shoes are assumed to be the world’s best indoor cycling shoes. Putting them on and taking them off is no longer a hassle.

If you are looking for an easy-to-follow guide on how to unclip peloton shoes, you have arrived at the right place.

What you need to do is simply position the target pedal right in a 6’o clock position, unclip the bike pedals and take off the peloton shoes.

Fitness enthusiasts love cycling on peloton bikes. It comes out to be a nightmare when shoes get stuck onto the bike pedals. You must learn the right way of clipping and unclipping these shoes. So, let us go through each detail of this guide, and in case any confusion arises, you can ask us anytime:

What are peloton shoes?

Peloton shoes are indoor cycling shoes. They have delta-compatible bike cleats that let you clip them in and out with the bike without hassle. In addition, it is special footwear that must be worn while on an indoor stationary bike. They keep your feet secured to the bike pedals and enhance your pedal stroke capability.

Unclipping peloton shoes – Step by step guide

Multiple people have complained that their peloton shoes often get stuck with the bike pedals. Or, at times, it gets really hard to take them off. Such a situation looks haunting, but you can easily tackle it by following the below-mentioned guide:

Step 1

The first step is to apply the brakes. Note that applying brakes will slow the pedaling process; stop the bike and enter the position to safely and hassle-freely take off your peloton shoes. The other way is to use a resistance knob. On pressing it, the bike gets into a stagnant position.

Step 2

Position the targeted pedal in a 6’o clock position. Suppose you are a right-footed pedaling cyclist. In this case, unclipping your right foot’s peloton shoes is recommended.
So, target the right foot pedal and bring it in a 6-clock-directed position. Follow the same procedure when targeting the left foot pedal.

Step 3

Now comes the part of unclipping shoes. Twist the foot inside your peloton shoes and bring it in a 6’o clock kind of angle. In addition, move the foot away from the pedal. You will experience a slight amount of resistance, but that is absolutely fine.
The minute you bring your shoes to a desired angle, you can unclip them immediately. Twist your best foot first and get off the bike.

What to do when Peloton shoes get stuck with the bike?

peloton shoes in hand

Lots of people face this problematic situation almost every day. There is no need to panic when Peloton shoes get stuck with the bike. You must follow the right way to deal with this situation.

  • Bring the pedals to a motionless position. Turn the resistance knob to the extreme right position and immobilize the pedals.
  • When the pedals become static, turn them to a 12’o clock position instead of a 6’o clock position. This will bring the pedals in an upside-down position.
  • Continue loosening the pedals with the 3mm or 4mm Allen wrench. Furthermore, experts have advised to avoid too much screwing. This will damage the pedal and might break it.
  • Once you are done loosening the pedals and releasing the cleats, flip back and secure the pedals to their normal position.

More about Peloton shoes

Below, we have talked more about these exclusive shoes and shared some of the interesting facts that you have not heard before:

  • You must wear socks whenever you plan to go cycling with peloton shoes. Going sockless will make your workout a total mess. When cycling, your feet sweat a lot. So, it is recommended to wear moisture-wicking socks with peloton shoes. This will keep your foot sweat-free, fresh, and slippery-free.
  • The shoes must fit perfectly when working out on a stationary bike. If you feel that they are slightly loose or tight, have them sized up or down and keep the cycling routine safe, hassle-free and comfortable.
  • The peloton shoes must be snugged fit on both of the foot sides and also in the heel area. It remains advisable to keep a little space or room right there in the toe box area.
  • When cycling on a peloton bike, you will always need special shoes, not regular and traditional ones.
  • These shoes work with almost all indoor cycling bikes. In other words, they are universally compatible with two-bolt and three-bolt pedals.
  • The sides of these shoes are made of mesh and are specifically intended to keep your feet thoroughly cool during intense cycling sessions.
  • The lines and numbers on the bottom of these shoes help you with cleat positioning.



We hope you have fully understood the guide on how to unclip peloton shoes. Gone are the days when you used to panic a lot because unclipping these shoes was a big challenge. The task no longer looks hard! Feel free to follow the above-written guide and remove your peloton shoes in a second. Stay connected and tuned with us for regular updates. 

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