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Bootvibe was created with the goal to provide workers the complete information related to work boots including their features, specifications, pros & cons, and a complete buying guide in order to make an informed purchase decision.

Who I am

Welcome to Bootvibe.com. I’m Richard Gravener. I have 19 plus years in the construction industry and have worked as a Construction Project Supervisor as well as Safety Officer for Projects while enlisted in the United States Naval Construction Force (SEABEES).

I have been qualified as a Safety Inspector since December of 2000, and have been a Safety Coordinator/Advisor since September of 2008.

Workplace safety First – Therefore, it’s crucial for workers to have good footwear to protect their feet from different dangers at work!

In this blog, I aim to share all my knowledge and expertise in dealing with workplace safety, especially in choosing the right footwear for different jobs. Hopefully, you can get something out.

I work in the construction industry that has no mercy for feet. Therefore, I recommend using the right work boots for the Right Job.

Tested Methods To Prevent Rubbing The Back Of The Heel While Wearing Work Boots

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Our website is constantly being updated to provide you with the most useful information regarding your foot problems. We provide detailed comparisons of work boots by different brands. Write Comprehensive buying guides to make you an informed buying decision.

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