Are Doc Martens Business Casual?

Doc Martens perfectly balances ”fashion and professionalism”. They have become the most versatile boots so far. No wonder this footwear is exclusively known for its comfort, durability, and fashionable appeal.

You can wear them casually or formally while going out for work or in any professional setting. This platform lets you catch up with all interesting details on the commonly asked question: Are Doc Martens business casual? So, without further ado, let us read out the details:

Can you wear Doc Martens in the office?

You can definitely wear Doc Martens in the office. They look super stylish, comfy and modern. One can say with utmost assurance that this footwear has made a permanent spot in the workplace setting. It balances fashion and professionalism like a pro.

Furthermore, it symbolizes style and individuality. You must have known about the interesting fact that Doc Martens boots have been assumed to be an important part of British culture for decades. Originally, they were designed and conceptualized as functional work boots. Now, people from all walks of life love wearing Doc Martens. They have become the mainstream street fashion, which is amazing. 

Why Doc Martens are the best pick for business casual settings?

  • These boots offer extreme comfort. They hardly exhaust your feet, and you can comfortably and easily walk for hours. In addition, these shoes have a cushioned and sturdy engineered insole for injecting maximum support to the feet.
  • Wearing Doc Martens for business casual settings seems a wise idea. It is a good investment because these shoes are made of high-quality materials and promise long-lasting use. You do not have to buy new shoes for your office again and again.
  • Wearing Doc Martens in the office brings an X-factor into your whole attire and personality. You look super modern and charismatic.
  • These boots ensure support and longevity, which is why they have become professionals’ top-most and most practical choice.
  • If you prioritize functionality, these boots are the ones for you.
  • With time, these shoes have gained the highest fashion appeal in the workplace. They carry a certain cultural significance which none of the boots have possessed till now.
  • Doc Martens is built on the vision of ”self-expression”. These shoes let individuals express their emotions and personality by keeping their attire within the boundaries and premises of being professional.
  • These boots are considered a fashion-forward statement in a workplace setting. They reflect the wearer’s personality, taste and aesthetics.

How to style Doc Martens with office attire?

Endless styling possibilities- yes, that is what these exclusive shoes are known for. We have noticed a huge increase in their popularity level with each passed-out day. If you are looking for catchy ideas on how to style and wear Doc Martens with your office attire, you have arrived at the right place:

  • You can style these boots with any office attire, whether pants, skirts, coats, or t-shirts; the choice is all yours!
  • Boots equal a” savage workforce look”. So, it is recommended from the side of fashion experts to wear fitted trousers with such boots.
  • If you have opted for slim-fitting trousers, have them in navy blue or black color and flaunt your Doc Martens like a pro.
  • Wear a shirt with a blazer to display a more sophisticated impression.
  • Some like pairing up these boots with black, dark grey or navy blue colored skinny jeans. Such a combination will bring an extra smart boost to your office attire.
  • Opt for something boxier, like you can wear a form-fitting pair of pants. Remember that your pants must fall right at the top of Doc Martens boots.
  • Boots in tan, black or brown colors remain easier to style.
  • It is suggested to pair this footwear with tailored pieces. This generally includes a collared shirt, a blazer or dress pants.
  • You must accessorize wisely. Go on adding subtle accessories if you have worn Doc Martens. Like, it can be statement jewelry or a scarf. In doing so, the whole outfit look will be elevated.
  • When wearing Doc Martens with a business outfit, you must keep the rest of the things ‘’simple and understated’’. Avoid opting for the over-the-top appearance or cluttered look.

Pant options to wear with Doc Martens

Multiple pant options are available, which you can accompany and team up with these boots. Below, we have mentioned the details about them:

Form-fitting pants

Form-fitting pants are the best pick till now that you can successfully pair up with these boots. Go for something ”boxier” approach. Keep your pants falling at the top of your boots, and you will definitely look ravishing.

Just a bonus tip: Those who have worn tight pants must wear a shirt that contrasts with the pants’ shape, like a baggier top.

Skinny or mom jeans

Doc Martens go perfectly well with skinny, ripped and mom jeans. The general rule is that jeans ”go with everything”; the same rule applies here too. The only thing to remember is to style your jeans with these boots at your best. You can tuck them into the boots or cuff them at the top.


How about pairing this footwear with trousers? Yes, you can try this styling tip. Whenever we talk about business casual attire, the first thing that comes to mind is pairing Doc Martens with trousers. Moreover, baggy trousers look stylish and modern with a simple-looking tee tucked into your pants. Add a nice tie and belt, and you are ready to rock your office day.


Leggings make Doc Martens pop up and stand out more. When going for normal or leather leggings, add a baggier top and bring an edgier look into your personality.

Tips to casually style Doc Martens

brown doc martens boot
  • Wearing these boots with shorts having a long flannel will make you look extremely stylish.
  • A cropped chunky sweater can be worn with these shoes. Pair them with trousers.
  • Remember to carry a small purse and stylish sunglasses if you have worn a sweater with this footwear.
  • Sweats, coats and Doc Martens are the perfect combination you can go for. 
  • Patterned tights work well with such shoes. They give an elongated vibe to your legs, and you simply look ”wow”.
  • Cut-off denim shorts can be teamed up with these boots, and the whole styling idea will give you a punk aesthetic feel.
  • Band tees have become the common attire these days, and they look equally amazing and blend well with Doc Martens. A long skirt and a tee bridge the gap between getting fancy and casual. Tuck the tee into the long skirt or tie it up above your skirt; the choice is yours.
  • Pencil skirts and Docs bring you to a win-win zone whenever you plan to follow this styling idea. You look a lot more elegant.
  • Flaunting flared trousers and a tee are commonly spotted in the business/workplace setting. You can follow this trend both in the summer and winter season. Throwing a jacket onto the tee is recommended to elevate the winter look. And for enhancing the summer look, remember to put on sunglasses.


How to make Doc Martens look classy?

You can make Doc Martens look classy by mixing weekend staples, hoodies and dressier pieces. It is best to wear them with comfy basics like we have options, sweatpants and leggings. You can pair them with a silky midi skirt and a chic leather jacket.

How long does Doc Martens take time to break in?

Doc Martens takes three to six weeks to break in. You can shorten the break-in period by wearing them with socks or applying heat treatments.

Is it possible to wear Doc Martens in the rain?

Yes, you can wear Doc Martens in the rain. Their quality, fabric or color is not damaged when water exposes them. Though they are made of leather, they remain safe to wear in the rain.


Now you know, are Doc Martens business casual? They are symbolized as functional work boots and cultural icons and can be flaunted casually. No wonder these shoes have become the most popular fashion statement. You can now balance your individual style preference and workplace dress code norms. Stay tuned with us.

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