How To Tighten Hey Dude Shoes?

How To Tighten Hey Dude Shoes

Are you exhausted from your Hey Dude shoes being too loose? Want to learn how to tighten them up quickly and easily? Here’s what you need! We understand that slipping off shoes can be annoying and embarrassing. We also know that it’s hard to find time to go to the store and get your shoes … Read more

How to Clean Leather Work Boots

How to Clean Leather Work Boots

So you have been working hard out in the field, and your leather work boots are starting to show it… they’re looking a bit worse for wear? We feel ya! But no worries, we have got the perfect guide on how to clean leather work boots so you can get back to your toughest jobs … Read more

How to Clean Non-Removable Insoles

How to Clean Non-Removable Insoles

If you are sick of your insoles being smelly and grimy, don’t worry – with a few easy steps, you can have your insoles looking and smelling fresh again. Non-removable insoles are a type of inner soles that are permanently attached to the inside of a shoe. They are typically made from a foam or … Read more

Are Ariat Boots Good?

Are Ariat Boots Good

Ariat is an iconic American boot brand that has been in the industry since 1993. It has become synonymous with high-performance footwear for the outdoor enthusiast, offering a wide range of styles and technologies. A resounding “yes” is the answer to the question of whether Ariat boots are good. Thoughtfully crafted from premium leather, they … Read more

How to Remove Dog Poop from Shoe?

How to Remove Dog Poop from Shoe

Do you ever dread stepping into a pile of dog poop with your shoes? It’s a disgusting problem that many of us face, especially if you have a pet or live in a neighborhood where there are a lot of stray dogs. Unfortunately, it’s a reality, and you may find yourself in a situation where … Read more

Why are Work Boots Rubbing Back Of the Heel?

How To Stop Work Boots From Rubbing The Back Of Your Heel

The dreaded heel rub. It’s one of those common problems that can stop your day in its tracks. If you’ve ever experienced the pain of work boots rubbing against the back of your heel, then you know just how uncomfortable and irritating it can be. The good news is, there are some simple solutions to … Read more

How Should Work Boots Fit?

How Should Work Boots Fit

It’s an easy trap to fall into admiring the sleek design and stylish colors of work boots, exclusively to discover later on that they don’t fit properly. The right fit can make a big difference when it comes to comfort and productivity. So, how should work boots fit?  The University of Wollongong, Australia conducted research … Read more

Why Do My Work Boots Smell Like Cat Pee?

Why Do My Work Boots Smell Like Cat Pee

You’re minding your own business, going about your day when you catch a whiff of something…foul. You take a closer sniff and realize with horror that it’s your work boots that smell like cat pee! What gives? And more importantly, how do you get rid of the stench? Rest assured, you’re not alone. Many people … Read more

How Much Do Work Boots Weigh?

How Much Do Work Boots Weigh?

Work boots can weigh anywhere between 3 to 4 pounds generally as for many workers, the weight of their work boots is an important consideration. Heavier boots may be more durable and offer more protection, but they can also be more tiring to wear. According To Dr. Rachel Kang, Podiatrist “Heavy work boots can cause … Read more

Why Do Work Boots Hurt My Knees?

Why Do Work Boots Hurt My Knees

Work boots are great for protecting your feet while working outdoors, but it seems like they always hurt your knees. If you spend any time walking around in work boots, then you probably know how painful they can be on the feet. You probably want to know the reasons for this and learn how to … Read more